VGX 21



VGX-21 Package

With fast changeable Toolhead System

The portable VGX-21 valve seat refacing unit has been developed for the specialised petrol and diesel cylinderhead workshop. The highly accurate valve seat processing is achieved by a spherical spindle guide bearing as well as a unique hydraulic ball clamping system. A almost pressure free centering and braceless fixing of the MIRA rotary head is made possible in order to achieve precise and concentric valve seats.

The VGX-21 Package includes:
VGX-21 Valve Seat Refacing Unit
DT1 Toolhead for 21-45mm Diameters
06 FD Type Pilots (Standard selection)
06 SK Type Formtools (Standard selection)
AV Basic Cylinderhead Support for Wall mounting
Service Tooling and Equipment
Manual Crank-Handle
Instruction Manual and Formtool Catalog
Wooden Storage Box

Optional Equipment:
DT05 toolhead for 16 – 25 mm seat diameters
DT2 toolhead for 37 – 55mm seat diameters
DT3 toolhead for 35 – 75mm seat diameters
DSD double edged toolhead for 26 – 36mm 0° or 5°
DSD double edged toolhead for 35 – 45mm 0° or 5°
DSD double edged toolhead for 45 – 55mm 0° or 5°
DSD double edged toolhead for 55 – 75mm 0° or 5°
Adjusting Micrometer EM25 – 75
VD-97 Vario Drive Electronic Drive unit
MUV-95 Multivac Vacuum Test Unit


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