TD 302



On-the-car rotor brake disc lathe born to the requirement of brake disc
reconditioning directly on board. Its use is requested when removal
and subsequent mounting operations of disc are too complicated like
four wheel drive, or when pedal pulsation appears due to the “run-out”
effect, always more widespread even on new vehicles. Thanks to the
fixing system of the brake disc lathe in the place of caliper, on the same
holes and surface of contact, the highest machining precision is
offered, keeping alignment between disc and caliper, consequently
solving in this way the problem from the source..
Reduced weight and dimensions offer handiness and practical use.
Moreover the independent adjusting tools, the automatic feed in both
directions, the endswitch and the complete standard equipment make
it extremely fast and versatile on a wide variety of vehicles. The
optional driving unit TD 332 (obligatory for CE market) helps and
speed up the reconditioning operation.

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