RTV 600



The RTV600 grinding machine represents the most advanced solution in terms of clutch pressure plates and flywheels reconditioning of industrial or passenger vehicles. Thanks to its flexibility, it is also suitable for the fine grinding of any other circular piece like discs, rings or flanges.
Precision silicon carbide gaskets could also be ground by means of a diamond grinding wheel. The machine can offer high sturdy rigidity, thanks to its updated machining system, to the use of strong material – like ripped cast iron on the base, on the head, on the rotary table – as well as hardened and ground steel on the column.
The rotary table has a diameter of 450 mm and its upper surface is dove tailed, in order to easily lock the pieces to be machined. Upon request, it can come with a magnetic plate. Its rotation is done by sliding on a fine ground surface which is constantly kept into an oil bath, thus reducing friction and wear and preserving the machine at the same time. The taper grind wheel is driven by a powerful 4 kW motor, in order to grant a quick grinding even with deep passes. For harder works, the RTV612 model equipped with a 9 kW spindle motor is also available. The standard equipment includes the rapid head displacement, an efficient cooling system with settling tank and a wide equipment for quick and precise positioning and fixing.
Other special fixtures are available on demand, such as the segmented grinding wheel, the automatic lathing device or some fitting for the proper clamping of the clutch pressure plates.


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