Head and block resurfacer

The Comec RP1300 Head and block resurfacer is specially designed for the resurfacing of car and truck
engine blocks and cylinder heads. But is also used in industrial workshop for flat surfaces that require a high level of finishing and accuracy.


The flat and V-shaped sliding plates on the base are moored in such a way that an optimum and smooth displacement of the table is obtained. This is a well-known and tested solution by us.

The Comec RP1300 is full of innovative solutions, such as:

  • Table feed through a recirculating ball screw with adjustable speed feed.
  • Inverter for spindle smooth speed regulation
  • Automatic cycle for milling operations

The Comec RP1300 comes standard with a segment holding plate for grinding cast iron or aluminum cylinder heads with pre-chambers and with an aluminum surface treatment tool.

Other accessories are available on demand, such as:

  • A milling cutter plate with eight inserts
  • The CBN-PCD tool holder for high speed resurfacing or cast iron and aluminum.

Attached files:


Table travel 1400 mm
Maximum working lenght 1225 mm
Maximum working width 355 mm (405 mm Optional)
Maximum working height 720 mm
Useful table surface 920×230 mm
Grinding wheel diameter 355 mm (405 mm Optional)
Spindle rotation speed 300÷1500 RPM
Adjustable table feed speed 0÷1500 mm/min
Spindle motor 4.0 kW
Table motoreducter 0.75 kW
Rapid feed motor 0.5 kW
Cooling pump motor 0.25 kW
Dimensions (LxLxH) 2180x1280x2000 mm
Weight 1410 kg


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