Head and block resurfacer

The RP 1000 CNC is a resurfacing machine for cylinder heads and engine blocks of cars and trucks as well as for all flat surfaces which require a maximum accuracy of the contact surfaces.


All machine parts, like the base, the table, the column and the head are made of widely ribbed cast iron of the best quality, thereby offering highly rigid and sturdy features.
The table feed is operated through a recirculating-ball screw that is extremely precise even at slow feed speeds. A frequency inverter controlling the screw is attached to the motoreducer to offer different speed feed that can be widely adjusted with a potentiometer.
Another inverter adjusts the spindle speed, in order to get the ideal cutting speed at all times and according to the different cutting systems, like abrasive sectors for the grinding of cast iron or aluminium cylinder heads with pre-chambers, the tool for aluminium resurfacing or the CBN-PCD toolholder plate for high-speed resurfacing.

This machine is CNC controlled

For an easy and safe use of the machine, all information and control commands are located on a rotating control panel with touch screen that can be adjusted to every operator. Moreover, in order to supply an efficient product, the machine’s standard equipment includes the rapid movement of the head, an efficient cooling system complete with a settling tank, and a wheel dressing assembly with diamond dresser.
Useful accessories are also available upon request, such as the adjustable set-up  fixture for cylinder heads, the V-block mounting kit, the rotating backing pad for the grinding of flywheels, clutch friction plates or brake discs.

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Table travel 1070 mm
Max working length 895 mm
Max working width 355 mm
Min – Max working height 920×210 mm
Useful table surface 358 mm
Milling plate diameter 0÷1500 mm/min
Spindle rotation speed 2,2 kW
Variable table feed speed 0.75 kW
Spindle motor 1.27 Nm
Table motor 1680x1140x1850 mm
Feed torque motor 1015 Kg


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