RP 330 Z



RP330-Z is a variant of the RP330 specifically designed for leveling and grinding cylindrical and cubic specimens of concrete blocks, bricks, rocks and natural stones
The samples are fixed on the worktable by means special clamps wich allow the grinding of many samples simultaneously.
The abrasive segments are mounted on a plate that moves by an axial rotation in clockwise and anticlockwise said “flag”, by means of an automatic motorized movement.
The machine, made of sturdy metal powder coated, includes a user-friendly control panel, decanting liquid coolant tank (water with oil emulsifier), electric pump, set of abrasive segments, splash screen with automatic safety switch.
Also available as optional accessory, the suction kit RPZ050, for the dust produced by processing.

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Catalogue Comec


  • Podstavek iz pločevine
  • RPZ050 Sistem za odsesavanje prahu z zbiralnikom
  • Brusilna plošča z abrazivnimi segmenti za opeko (10 kosov) RP Z099
  • Zaščitni oklep z mikro stikalom
  • Naprava za brušenje segmentov
  • MT0013 Diamant za brušenje
  • PV0006 Par ravnih podstavkov
  • PV0020 Čeljust za podstavke
  • PV0021 Pritrdilno streme, veliko
  • PV0021 Pritrdilno streme, malo
  • Servisni ključi
  • Navodila za uporabo
  • 2 kosa
  • 2 kosa
  • 4 kosi


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