RP 1400



The RP 1400 CNC is a resurfacing machine for cylinder heads and engine blocks of cars and trucks as well as for all flat surfaces which require a maximum accuracy of the contact surfaces. The construction technology combines highly innovative solutions such as the brushless motor for automatic positioning and precise plate mill controlled by CNC to established technologies such as linear guides and ball screws drive to feed. The axes and the speed of rotation of the cutter are controlled by an inverter is in fact possible to control the speed of advancement. The control panel is an industrial touch screen, equipped with a simple and intuitive program. The RP 1400 CNC can be provided with a mill cutter with a tool holder for insert of CBN-PCD diameter with 405mm for smoothing of the surfaces in cast iron or aluminum. For heads with a precombustion chamber, you can use a special tool that ensures a perfect finish them.
The RP 1400 CNC has defined the “Smart Resurfacer” thanks to a laser sensor that scans the surface of the heads and recognizes the profile to automate the milling operations.

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