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The RP 1300 is a resurfacing engine rebuilding machine for cylinder heads and blocks of cars and trucks as well as all flat surfaces which require an high mating surface finishing and accuracy. The technology design adopted on RP 1300 engine rebuilding machine combines well tested solutions as the hydraulic table feed with a wide adjustable speed feed and flat and V-shaped ways machined directly on the basement and always perfectly lubricated that grant an excellent run fluidity even at slow feed speeds, with other more innovative features as the infinitely adjustable spindle speed by inverter or the automatic cycle for milling operation. In fact the RP 1300 engine rebuilding is supplied, as standard equipment, with segmented grinding wheel for cast iron or aluminium and pre-chamber cylinder head resurfacing and brazed tool for aluminium machining, but as option, are available an 8 cutter milling plate or the CBN-PCD toolholder plate for reconditioning at high speed respectively cast iron or aluminium heads. For a convenient and safe use of the machine, all control commands are located on a swing arm control panel adaptable to every operator; moreover, in order to supply a full equipped product, the standard equipment includes the rapid power feed of the head, an efficient coolant plant complete with tank mounted on wheels, and a wheel dressing assembly with starwheel dresser. As option, useful accessories are available like the adjustable set-up fixture for cylinder heads, V-block mounting kit, rotary table (mechanic or magnetic fixing) for the grinding of round parts as, for instance, flywheels, clutch pressure plates or brake discs.

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