PTR 1600LH



The PTR hydraulic pressure tester or test bench allows for the quick and easy detection of fissures and cracks and the water tightness control in the cooling circuits of cylinder heads and engine blocks.

The pressure tester works following a basic principle that consists of plugging all the outlets of the cooling circuit of the cylinder head using rubber stoppers and then injecting pressurized air into the circuit. The cylinder head is then immersed in a hot-water bath and if it contains any cracks or fissures, a stream of air bubbles will be observed rising to the surface of the bath.

The machine has been specially designed for continuous use and is comfortable and simple to operate. Furthermore, the machine requires a minimum amount of maintenance and comes fully equipped with high quality, in-built security features.

The pressure tester is fitted with a programmable heater which allows the water to be preheated on a daily basis.The temperature of the water is regulated by means of an electronic thermostat control.

Hydraulic arms move the cradle holding the piece to be tested. The cradle is moved vertically by means of a hydraulic system. The cradle can also rotate a full 360 degrees making it far easier to check all sides of the cylinder head from every angle.

The water tank and lid are both thermally insulated thus preventing heat loss and substantially reducing operational costs of the machine.The water is heated by means of two 4.5kW elements.The machine is fitted with a safety mechanism that controls the level of the water.

In order to avoid possible injury and unnecessary risks, the operating circuit of the machine is 24 V low voltage.

4 Cylinder head holding flat parallels
2 Supports for slanted heads
8 Clamping block with rods and nuts
4 Clamping bars with small plates (8 pcs.) for Plexiglass plate
2 Plexiglass transparent plates: 500×250×30 mm – 800×250×30 mm
1 Natural Rubber (caoutchouc) plate 500×500×8 mm
1 Rubber (black) plate 500×500×3 mm
1 Side plate complete with quick coupling
Service operation and maintenance manual

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