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Thirty years’ experience in the world of engines plus a production of over 40.000 portable grinders are behind our new model RS 993: a stationary system for inserting and grinding valve seats and valve guides which combines the consolidated experience of PEG with the latest technological innovation.

The result is an extremely reliable machine whose design has benefitted from ideas developed to salve the problems met by mechanics in keeping abreast with the dynamics of new types of engines. The electronic reduced to the minimum, without superfluous sophistications and the simplicity of the operative systems conceptions, make the RS 993 particularly reliable and movable in any workshop. The machine is a modern instrument capable of handling present and future needs in restoring with maximum precision the original efficiency of cylinder heads for any type of engine – turbo, induction, petrol or diesel.


The system’s intelligence is contained in the working head, which moves on an air cushion in four directions (forward, backward, right, left). The high precision spindle is attached to a ball joint which enables in to be used with inclinations in any directions of up to ±7º. Movement is transmitted by a d.c. motor, keyed in axis, which makes it possible to operate with constant torque; rev. regulation from 50-800 rpm is by means of a cyclo-converter. These combined movements of the working head and sleeve enable the operative head to be positioned on the real axis of the valve guide, so that the milling operation is carried out with absolute precision.

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PEG RS 993


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